Welcome and Bienvenue!

Hi!  I welcome you to explore Vancouver, Canada and beyond with me.

My natural curiosity and love of travel, food, and all that encompasses has lead me to this point. From tour director to relocation consultant, travel writer and photographer, I am continuing my path of living and learning.

I have traveled Canada from coast to coast, and even though I was born here, there is still much more to experience.  What is my favorite place? So many favorites that I know and more to explore. I must admit a piece of my heart will always be in the Rockies, my birthplace,  but Vancouver is my chosen home and I love it. 

Spend some time here and you will understand why Vancouver consistently ranks as one of the most beautiful and liveable city on the planet! Lots to do, see, and explore, and did I mention eat? The food scene in Vancouver has me salivating just thinking about it. Food trucks, farmer’s markets and Asian night markets to casual eateries and fine dining – Vancouver has it.  You have not lived until you have savored fresh Spot Prawns (available only in June …). Bon appetit!

If you are like me and always up for a road trip, Vancouver is also a great home base to explore from. Take a day trip, weekender or longer travel. From Mid-May to mid-September you can even cruise to Alaska from downtown Vancouver!

The City of Vancouver, the surrounding area of Metro Vancouver, the rest of BC, and beyond have a myriad of experiences awaiting you. Join me, won’t you?